Despite the best of planning sometimes thing go awry and you need to make a change or cancellation, or request a refund.

You can edit or change the date and rate of your job any time, directly in the 'My Job' section of your account. Simply edit the booking for the individual you wish to edit the details for.

If you are booking an influencer, please ensure you book them for the date that you have agreed with the influencer that the content is to go live. Ensure you have allowed enough time in the lead up to get product to the influencer, approve the content and caption, make any revisions etc. Of course, if there are any delays you can update the date any time.

If you need to request a refund for any reason you can do that automatically in the platform. Simply go to the booking of the talent you are requesting a refund for, and cancel the booking, and list the reason you need a refund. Our customer service team will action your request within 24hrs.

Dont forget you're fully protected by insurance and contracts which is why its safe and secure to book through and you ONLY pay when the job is done.

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