Contra is a barter arrangement between two parties who exchange goods or services without any financial payment. In that means you can gift an influencer your product or service, in exchange for an authentic review. This is referred to in the industry as contra gifting.

We have a specific section on that allows brands and clients looking for influencers to gift services or products too, which you can read more about here:

We also have a full guide on how to write a brief that gets lots of interests from contra collaborators:

This section is $99/month, and you can cancel any time (no lock in contracts). You are able to post unlimited offers and collaborate with as many influencers as you like.

How it works:

  1. List your product, service or event

  2. Detail what collaboration exchange you would be looking for (ie 1 instagram static post, or 1 instagram story, or a facebook/google review etc. Remember, make it a fair exchange!)

  3. Influencers who are interested will apply

  4. You can shortlist, chat and book in the influencers you'd like to collaborate with

  5. Post them the product or organise the service for them to experience

  6. They'll create the content or review

  7. You leave them a review on their profile online

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