When applying for any job through theright.fit, you are able to see the job rate and details of the job, and once the client confirms you by pressing the 'Book' button and entering the date and rate you have both agreed on, you are officially booked. Congrats!

You will receive a confirmation notification via SMS, email and in the in app messaging to let you know you have been confirmed. This will show:

  • Job name:

  • Date of the job:

  • Rate: $

Please see the sample below.



-Chat box in the messaging

You should expect to receive the funds from your job 48hrs after the date the job completed. If the job date is the 21st August, as per the above example, you would receive the funds on the 24th August directly to you bank account.

You will also receive an alert in the in app messenger with the alert 'You've been paid':

Which will also show when the funds have been released to you.

Weekends, public holidays, and different banks can sometimes cause this to take longer. All payment processing is handled by our payment partner, Stripe.

If you haven't received your funds after 5 days, there's a couple of things you should do:

1. Log in to your theright.fit account and check and see the date of the job you were booked for. You can find this by going to ‘My Applications’ - ‘Booked’ and it will show the booking date & rate.

2. Wait 3 business days from the date of the booking

3. Check to see you have received the 'You have been paid' message in the chat alert section.

4. Log in and check your bank account 3 business days after the booking date. If the funds do not show yet, move to step 4.

5. Login into your Stripe account & check that your bank account details are accurate and up to date. We regularly find that people haven’t entered the correct bank details and their money is just held up in their Stripe account waiting for a place to go. Stripe is like PayPal. When you receive the notification from us that you have been paid, this means we have released the money to you in your Stripe account.

5. Make sure your Stripe account isn’t restricted. If it’s restricted you may not be able to receive or withdraw funds. You may need to upload identification or other information to Stripe. Get in touch with Stripe if you are having troubles (email: [email protected])

6. If after 5 business days, you haven't received your funds from your Stripe account to your bank account, then contact our customer service team with the following information:

-Your full name

-Account email address


And our team will get back to you within 24hrs to assist.

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