We're passionate about connecting professional talent with clients who need quality work done fast.

So it’s important that the community follows guidelines that reflect our values and standards of behaviour. We work hard to enforce these guidelines to help facilitate a reliable, safe and successful environment, while providing help to resolve issues should they arise. In return, we ask for your cooperation and and adherence to these Guidelines.

If you feel a member has violated any Community Guidelines, please report it to us immediate via our contact us page.

1. Publicly sharing private information

To maintain the integrity and authenticity of theright.fit, our members can only share private contact information once they have been booked. 

To protect your safety and security, private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the site including any comments and attachments, or directing a user to contact you via any other medium.

This includes:

  • Websites

  • Social channels including: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

  • Email address

  • Phone numbers

  • Street or mailing address

2. Reliability

Every talent on our platform is unique. Since our clients make plans and commitments based on these details, we have to be able to trust each other’s reliability - whether it be in timely communication, or honouring your commitments.

2.1. Breaking commitments

Absent of extenuating circumstances, you should not cancel after a booking has been made. This reflects poorly on you, and the broader theright.fit community, and leaves the client in a precarious situation. This may result in your account with theright.fit being removed.

2.2. Being unresponsive

You should be responsive during booking process, and quick to provide items or details required by by the client when booked. If required, you should actively participate in our resolution process.

3. Authenticity

Since our community is built on trust, authenticity is essential - it requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions, and accurate details.

3.1. Misrepresenting yourself

You should not provide a false date of birth, measurements, information about your follower demographics or engagements, previous work history, or use misleading or outdated photos or video footage. You shall not use bots or tools to purchase or otherwise inflate your social media following or engagement rates. You shall not claim to have skills, experience, expertise or qualifications you do not possess.

4. Unacceptable behaviours

Community and connection is at the heart of what we do at theright.fit. Courtesy, honesty, mutual respect are essential for our community to thrive. We do not tolerate the following negative behaviours, any of which will result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended:

  • Hatred or violence

  • Dishonesty

  • Harassment

  • Illegal behaviours

  • Applying for jobs you do not meet requirements for

  • Trolling

5. Pricing and payments

To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all members of the theright.fit community, it’s important to understand how pricing and payments work.

5.1 Offer prices

Offers placed must be totalled to the full amount per job. All costs must be included in your offer such as travel, grooming, or any other costs. 

It’s important that all pricing is fair for both all parties in the community, therefore low offers will be flagged and removed. Partial quotes mentioning further negotiation of prices off the platform are also not supported.

5.2 Payment

Cash payments are not supported on the theright.fit platform. To ensure that you get paid for a job our payment system securely holds the booking funds until the job is successfully completed.

5.3 Accurate banking details

To ensure seamless transition of funds, please ensure your banking details are up to date in your Stripe account. It's important that your banking details are in your name and belong to you.

All theright.fit members have an obligation to adhere to the Community Guidelines in accordance with the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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