Every time you are booked on a job, or a contra gifting collaboration, the client will automatically be prompted to leave you a review at the end of the job. They will be reminded via email, and also a pop up alert when they log in to theright.fit each time.

If you've done some work before you joined the platform, or you've done some work directly, you can still ask those clients to add a review for you.

To request a review:

  1. Simply login and view the reviews page on your dashboard.

  2. Click 'Request Reviews'

  3. Enter the persons email you would like to receive a review from.

  4. Fill out any additional details and we’ll send the client an email asking for a review for you! Easy! It will then automatically show on your profile once the person has completed their review.

Remember - this is for reviews outside of the platform, so don’t send it to clients you have worked with on theright.fit.  

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