We’re just as keen as you are to nail that pitch! First things first though. Make sure you have fully completed your profile including signing up to Stripe. Next, you should:

  1. Link your professional social profiles.
  2. Upload a range of professional photos, ideally one headshot and a few lifestyle shots.
  3. Definitely do not use images with watermarks and no selfies.
  4. Try to create a story with the images you use.
  5. Think about your potential clients: what images would they want to see?
  6. Make sure your profile description is concise and sells you to prospective clients. Include your experience, passions and skills etc.

Understand your look: are you commercial, fitness, catwalk, or fashion? Is this clear to a client when they view your profile? If you answered no, then get cracking. No time to be shy. Shine bright and showcase your best talents.

For more info, check out our blog post on nailing your application. It’s full of industry insider tips.

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