Don’t fret!

Have you filled out all sections of your profile? No, then get cracking.

Think of your profile as a resume. You want to highlight your most desirable features. Be sincere, clients love individuality. They want to see the real you.

Did you follow the above yet still got declined? This could be an image problem. Is your profile shot a Snapchat selfie? Hmmm… Might want to change that.

Try to avoid the following common image mistakes:

  • Heavily filtered images. Sure that puppy filter is cute but save it for friends.
  • Selfies
  • Screenshots (especially those including the date, time etc...)
  • Mirror images
  • Blurry and out of focus shots
  • Anything watermarked
  • Nudity or offensive content
  • Group shots

Remember, clients want to see the real you. A clear headshot is the best choice for a profile header. This is then supported by a mix of professional portfolio shots (Think casual, beachy, corporate etc…).

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