This will include all the information about the job you’re applying for. Consider this the clients voice calling for talent so it’s up to you to listen and reach out if you think you can answer the call. Details posted will cover the type of shoot, expected length, expectations for the finished product, the use of final images, and any information about the job that talent should be aware of.


This is the outfit expectations of the talent. This tells you whether you will be required to provide any aspect of wardrobe or if it will be provided by the client.

Hair, Make-up and Grooming Requirements

This is the amount of styling provided by the client. This lets you know what expectations exist on your end to arrive looking a certain way or whether there will be hair and make-up provided on the shoot.

Brief Details

This is the follow up information to the general brief provided by the client. Here you will see a run-down of the following;

  • Talent type
  • Job type
  • Remuneration
  • Media usage
  • Usage length
  • Territories
  • Dates
  • Duration
  • Job address
  • Date Listed


This is the fee you will receive following the completion of the job. This will be shown in three sections. Firstly, the base pay for the completed job. Think of this as the gross pay. 

Following this will be the two types of memberships that determine the net pay. Whether you are on a premium package or a free package will determine the net pay, with the premium option offering more lucrative incentives.

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