Once you’ve put yourself forward for a job then you’ve earned a break. In fact all you need to do is wait! 

The client will review the list of applicants and decide who to book accordingly. If you have been selected, then congratulations! You’ll receive an automated email response from theright.fit direct to your primary email. 

All you need to do is confirm, from the email, when you receive it and the job is yours.

If you don't hear back about a job.
With so many jobs available on theright.fit it’s natural that each client will have many submissions. Remember that feedback is optional and while it would be great if each client could reach out and let you know why you weren’t chosen, it’s not reality. 

If you don’t hear back about a job you would have loved don’t let it get to you. With over 300 jobs going up a month and more brands getting on board daily there is always another opportunity around the corner.

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